What We Do

We work across Scotland to ensure that older people’s creativity can flourish whatever their circumstances, experience, interests and ambitions. We are the leadership organisation for creative ageing in Scotland.


An older woman is performing a dance routine with others. She is leaning back slightly with her arms semi-raised
Photo: Eoin Carey

We do this through:   

Innovation: we work with people and organisations to explore new ways of working that help more older people participate in the arts and be creative. We share our learning to bring about positive change.    

Developing creative practice: we provide a range of professional development opportunities for those who work creatively with older people, and for older artists themselves.     

Celebrating creativity as we age: we help ensure that the rich and diverse creativity of older people is visible, and that the cultural life of Scotland is shaped by their voices.  

Communication and advocacy: we bring people together to share their knowledge and experience of creative ageing, and we advocate for the arts and creativity to be valued in our lives as we age.