As part of Luminate’s Tenth Anniversary Celebrations in 2022, we are inviting nominations for our Creative Ageing Awards!

What creative projects with and for older people in Scotland do you admire?  Is there an older person in your local area whose artistic work inspires you, or a person of any age whose creative work with older people is really impressive? Do you have a hero who champions creative ageing and inspires others?

In our anniversary year, we want to recognise people across Scotland whose contribution to creative ageing is making a difference.

1.How do I nominate a person, group or project? 

There are six categories. There are opportunities for projects and programmes, and individual categories which are open to volunteers as well as those who are professional artists or paid staff. All you do is choose the category that you think your nominee fits best, and send us your nomination online or by post by the deadline of Sunday, 11th September, 2022. You can nominate the same project or person in more than one category on your form.  Further information on the categories can be found here.

2. Is the project, or the work led by the person I am nominating, eligible? 

To be eligible, your nomination must relate to a project, activity or programme of work that took place since 1st June 2021. This includes activities that began before the pandemic and were either adapted to run differently during covid or stopped for a while but have now restarted. They can also be new projects or programmes that began during the pandemic.  They can be projects that are still running, or they could be finished. 

For individual categories, you cannot nominate yourself.  For group categories, you can nominate a group or project that you have taken part in as a group member or project participant. 

3. Am I eligible to nominate? 

To nominate, you must be over the age of 18 or have the consent of your parent, carer or guardian.   

4. What do I need to submit?  

To submit a nomination, you need to fill in a form which you can do online or by post. The online form is here on the Luminate website, and you can also download a PDF of the form if you wish or request one by calling 0131 668 8066 or email 

You simply need to complete the form. Unless your nomination is in the category of Individual Older Artist you do not need to submit any other information, images or film footage at this stage.  

5. What permissions do I need in order to submit a nomination? 

We know that you are likely to want your nomination – if successful – to be a surprise, so you don’t need the consent of the person or group you are nominating at this stage. However please do not include any personal information about the nominee(s) in your submission, apart from their name and the city, town or area where they are based. 

If your nomination is shortlisted, at that stage we will ask you to tell the person(s) concerned and ask for their agreement to be connected with Luminate so we can gather their details directly. 

6. Judging process  

The judging panel will include representatives of Luminate, Age Scotland and others from arts, community and care backgrounds. 

The panel will shortlist 3 nominated people, groups or projects in each category, and at that stage we will ask those who nominated them to tell them that they have been shortlisted. 

All the shortlisted individuals and their nominators, and representatives of shortlisted projects and their nominators, will be invited to a special event in the autumn at which the Creative Ageing Awards will be presented.  

The judges’ decision is final and they won’t enter into any discussion concerning the results.  

7. Publicity  

We hope that our Luminate awards process gives shortlisted individuals and groups a chance to promote their work. Luminate will seek to gain media coverage of the awards event and will share information about all the shortlisted nominees on our website and social media. We will liaise with all the shortlisted nominees and their nominators about this process, to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the information and images we share publicly. 

8. How we handle your information 

Luminate is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information.  We will only use your personal information for the purpose of administering the awards nomination process. We may share your data with third parties for the purpose of managing the process, for example external representatives on the judging panel; we require all third parties to respect the security of your data and to treat it in accordance with the law.   

We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal information being accidentally lost, used, altered or accessed in an unauthorised way. We will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for.  

You can read our full privacy policy here: 

9. Terms and Conditions 

  • By nominating a person, group or project for the Luminate Creative Ageing Awards, you confirm that all information submitted by you is true and current. 
  • Luminate reserves the right to make any changes to the nominations, judging and awards process for the Creative Ageing Awards. 
  • Luminate may disallow entries that appear to infringe the intellectual property or privacy rights of others, are in any way defamatory, or for any other legitimate reason.