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Creative Ageing at the Fringe

There are such an incredible number of events to choose from in Edinburgh in August. If you're interested in the themes of creative ageing we explore during Luminate, here are a few performances that are on our Fringe wish list, offering unique insights into age, ageing and older people's lives.

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Dance and Physical Theatre

Fleurs de Cimetieres / Age Freckles and Other Tall Stories
until 15 August

Under different skies, old age is synonymous with wisdom. In the Western world, it means decrepitude. Especially for women. This show is an encounter between women who met in the 1980s, lost contact, and met again.

Parkin'Son - Giulio d'Anna
until 25 August

Giulio is 31 and choreographer, Stefano, is 63 and has Parkinson's Disease. Father and son tell you a universal tale about the power between father and child.


On the One Hand
Northern Stage at St Stephen's
until 24 August

Tales of biological clocks on snooze, lives packed in boxes and cities in bags; six women of different ages and at different stages in their lives, explore what it means to age.

These Halcyon Days
Assembly Hall
until 25 August

It took a while, but they found each other. Sean sits alone in a nursing home, abandoned to his memories, when in storms Patricia, a feisty woman with a zest for life and handsome men in wheelchairs.

It's Dark Outside
Underbelly, Bristo Square
until 26 August

As the sun sets, an old man and his noble tent go wandering into the wild. Swept up in a surreal world, he is on the run. A grand epic western using puppetry, mask, animation and live performance.


Lynn Ruth Miller - Granny's Gone Wild
C nova
until 26 August

Lynn Ruth Miller uses the blast furnace of her life to gently boil down the huge amount of experience in the crucible of her mind... She shows us, vividly, that life gets better as you get older.

Sweater Curse: A Yarn About Love
Sweet Grassmarket
until 26 August

From Dallas, Texas comes this smart solo comedy about love, old movies, great literature and unfinished jumpers.

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