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Luminate film tour 2016

Each year our festival includes a specially curated film programme touring to venues across Scotland. Programmed by Dundee Contemporary Arts, the 2016 selection includes documentaries, fiction films and classics, all exploring ageing and different relationships.  We've included a summary of each of the films below - we hope that they encourage audiences not only to think about how older age impacts on all of us but also to be inspired by the older characters' knowledge, creativity and zest for life. 

Mom & Me

Oscar Wilde wrote, "All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his." With these words, Ken Wardrop opens the documentary in which he travels to America to investigate the role mothers play in the lives of Oklahoma's tough guys. From the drug addict trying to reconnect with his mother, to the man whose mother has Alzheimer's, Wardrop's compassionate observation reveals the universality that underlies this most particular relationship. (Dir: Ken Wardrop USA/Ireland/2016/1h16m/PG)

A Wee Night In

Chrissy was a sickly child, so no one expected her to live to a ripe old age. Nevertheless, this Scottish woman is now 95, frail but full of life. Today, Chrissy's 91-year-old boyfriend Bill is coming over for a nice evening that will pass by according to the slow rhythm of age. This is an intimate, heartwarming portrait of love in older age, full of recognisable, comedic moments. (Dir: Stuart Edwards UK/2014/11m)

The Grump

The Grump is an eighty-year-old farmer who, following a domestic accident is forced to travel to Helsinki and stay with his youngest son, an unemployed New Age sad sack, and his Type A businesswoman daughter-in-law. This Finnish comedy juxtaposes the rural value of yesterday's Finland with the country's contemporary urban reality, with both hilarious and touching results. (Dir: Dome Karukoski Finland/2014/1h44m/Finnish & Russian with English subtitles/12A)

45 Years

It's the lead up to their 45th wedding anniversary and Kate (Charlotte Rampling) and Geoff (Tom Courtenay) seem to have an idyllic retired life. Their relationship is an easy one, clearly filled with love and care. But despite all their years together, when a letter arrives from Switzerland that reveals some news about the woman that Geoff loved before they met, things begin to unravel. (Dir: Andrew Haigh UK/2015/1h35m/15)

Robin and Marian

After 20 years abroad, Robin Hood returns to England and attempts to renew ties with his beloved Maid Marian, in this elegiac take on the Robin Hood legend. Their short-lived reunion is interrupted by a newly ignited conflict with the nefarious Sheriff of Nottingham, leading to a final life-or-death battle. Starring Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. (Dir: Richard Lester USA/1976/1h52m/PG)

The Lady in the Van (screenings supported by McCarthy & Stone)

Based on the successful play, this is a delightful adaptation of Alan Bennett's homage to his friendship with the cantankerous woman who moved into his driveway and became an integral part of his life. From the same director as The History Boys and starring Dame Maggie Smith, this is a witty and moving portrait of the bond that can develop between strangers. (Dir: Nicholas Hytner UK/2015/1h44m/12A)

This year there will be screenings at The Birks Cinema, Conachar BankDundee Contemporary Arts, Eden Court, Glasgow Film Theatre, Greenwood GroveHeart of Hawick, Hippodrome, Isle of Bute Discovery centre, Macrobert Arts Centre, Mareel, and Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre. Browse our events calendar for more information. 

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