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Made in Aberdeen

 Marie Koch shares her
experience of Creative Ageing Aberdeen’s pop-up event ‘Made in Aberdeen’, which
took place on Wednesday 5 October.

When I entered Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village I was welcomed by a lovely group of ladies knitting all together and having a chat. I was told they were making a pattern in the colours of stone. They chose the colour because stone can survive a long period of time. Together, they are creating a piece of history - an element of the "Museum of Me" exhibition (read more about this later). Many people joined this event, some for a quick moment and others for a little longer. 

On the next table I was given an insight into one of
Aberdeen’s Creative Ageing Network’s previous projects. It was fascinating to
see the many opportunities for creative engagement and how interactive history
can be. I learned a lot about stitching and especially about three pieces of
tapestry that were created over a period of two years. The tapestries show the
story of the Gordon Highlanders during the First World War and the development
of uniforms and weapons with great detail and accuracy. I was also given
material to try stitching myself – I am sure after trying it I will be even
more impressed by the work behind the three tapestries! Another of Creative
Ageing Network’s projects was “Illuminators of Aberdeen”. With the use of a
smartphone and an augmented reality app I was able to learn about important
figures from Aberdeen by just holding a postcard in my hands.

As I continued to walk around the Aberdeen Community Health
and Care Village I found a small room which contained Aberdeen’s history
presented in a Treasure Box. The artefacts, provided by Aberdeen Art Gallery
& Museums, were all everyday objects from hundreds or thousand years ago.
They have either been produced in Aberdeen or were once used by important
people living in the city. Some of the objects included a comb, a Silver City
Seal and an object used to make shoes. It was great to actually be able to hold
these artefacts in my hands, to see the carving details and traces of usage and
to be surprised by the weight and surface of some of them.

During October every Wednesday the Health and Care Village
will welcome a different artist to create a piece for the “Museum of Me” together
with the community. A new Treasure Box will be opened, allowing you to engage
with objects that have influenced the life of people many hundreds of years

Before I left the Health and Care Village I was also given a
mysterious envelop which contained my personal task as a contribution to the
current project “Museum of Me”. I don't want to give too much away but the task gives me the opportunity to take part in the exhibition, either by reflecting on an
item that could become an artefact of my life or by creatively addressing the
given question. 

The Health Village Arts project have shared some photographs from the afternoon on their Facebook page. Click here to have a look. 

You can join Creative Ageing Aberdeen's Pop-Up events each Wednesday in October from 11am to 3pm at Aberdeen health and Community Care Village, 50 Frederick Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5HY. Please see our events calendar to find out more about the next events. 

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