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proceed till apprehended

Our Arts in Care Seminar, held at Perth Concert Hall on 14 October and presented in partnership with Scottish Care, was an inspiring day of shared ideas and practice for arts organisations, artists and care providers.

Bringing the arts and care together on the day, poet Ken Cockburn crafted a creative response to some of the discussions around the projects, partnerships, joys and challenges of delivering creative activities and experiences in care settings. Here it is...

proceed till apprehended

dementia - looking for the key
improved wellbeing & self-esteem
it takes all day to do all day
it's good to challenge the routine

educating management
we need to think outside the box
singing to a resident
older people love applause

autonomy & independence
dressed & ready, going nowhere
now proceed till apprehended
don't be silly, you're a grown-up

hats & handbags everywhere
things go missing all the time
birch & aster, palm & hazel
weave their magic on the mind

a less profound but broader impact
Ethel's twenty calls a night
all these led towards the napkins
I don't know which songs my mother liked

the past, the present & the future
the arts but other things as well
my wife, my tortoise, my guitar
"home" is quite a loaded term

a feeling of togetherness
I see it as a positive
different fabrics, different textures
a greater sense of who he is

you walk through all the different rooms
I think you're absolutely right
& then we publish them in books
it's so good to have found my tribe

Ken Cockburn
A poem for / from the Luminate and Scottish Care Arts in Care Seminar
Perth, 14 October 2014

The poem is composed from phrases spoken by seminar participants

The day also offered the chance to hear from three keynote speakers working in this field, which are still available to watch online by clicking here.

The Arts in Care Semiar was facilitated by Luminate and Scottish Care and supported by The Baring Foundation and Horsecross Arts

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