Ako Zada Multidisciplinary artist

A man with silver grey beard and moustache is sitting on a couch. He is wearing a black beret, glasses and is holding a ceramic vase decorated in red and black.

Ako Zada is a Glasgow based multidisciplinary artist originally from Iraqi Kurdistan who arrived in Scotland as a refugee in 2011. He has studied paper making, pottery, photography and printmaking and integrates these techniques with his community work supporting refugees and the Kurdish community in Glasgow.   

In 2022 Ako experienced a sudden, life threatening illness which had a long and gruelling recovery. He has used art throughout his illness and recovery to express himself and process his experience. This deepened and expanded his understanding of how creativity helps individuals to deal with difficult emotions and trauma. 

 I have always used art and creative practices to express myself and I was surrounded by a strong tradition of poetry and song. But the political and social conditions in Iraqi Kurdistan during the 80s and 90s did not allow me to focus on or develop my creativity.