Marcela Trsova Artist

Marcela Trsova is an artist, holistic healer and creative community practitioner. She inspires and guides people to find a deeper connection within themselves through variety of creative processes and holistic practices, enabling them to discover, value and celebrate the true joy of being alive. 

“Through my creative work I touch on the subtle and intuitive part of life. I am interested in exploring the connection and relationship between nature and culture and the human inner and outer experience within it. I use many different materials and means of creative expression (performance, film, sculpture and installation, painting) and it is this concept that unites my whole body of work. 

“Symbolism is very important in my work as I believe that primal imagery and symbols hold a great power of communication which is understood by all people regardless of their language, nationality, age or education. I try to reach out to people on a subconscious and emotional level.”