Rohini Sharma Joshi Trustee

Rohini Sharma Joshi, Trustee

Rohini Sharma Joshi is a long-standing, passionate advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion who has championed the rights of marginalised communities to equal treatment, dignity and respect, particularly as they age.

Luminate takes a creative approach in making older people’s later lives better. Its activities help bring joy and happiness to the lives of many, with activities which uplift their spirits and improve their wellbeing

Rohini has led an award-winning Equality Programme for housing associations since 1999 and worked with partner organisations on several innovative projects, tackling diversity issues. In 2013 she was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Society’ by the Scottish Asian Woman Association.

As well as devoting time to Luminate, Rohini is a patron of the National Diversity Patron Network, a Commissioner for the Scottish Commission on Older Women, a Trustee of Faith in Older People, and sits on cross party groups for race equality and older people.


Rohini Sharma Joshi, Trustee