Connections through culture

Luminate is working in association with Cove Park and Taipei Artist Village to develop new ways to support older artists with residency opportunities.  

Throughout July and August 2021 we’ll be working with three visual artists aged 50+ in a series of online discussions aimed at understanding perceptions, barriers and the needs of older artists who wish to apply for residency opportunities.

We want to listen to the aspirations and professional needs of artists in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older – some may be established in their chosen field, others emerging or re-visiting earlier expertise.  

Both Cove Park and Taipei Artist Village have noticed that older applicants are under-represented in applications to funded residency programmes. This is something that we want to address.  

This is a paid opportunity and a fantastic way to help shape future residency opportunities for older artists.  

Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

Funded by the British Council