Support for older artists forging new directions

Luminate has awarded bursaries to 11 older artists working in Scotland to extend their professional development and launch new projects. 

The successful recipients are all aged over 50 and are in the early stages of a new artistic career. Several have practised different art forms throughout their lives but are now moving into new directions while others are forging entirely new careers across the arts including dance, writing, visual arts, printmaking, and sculpting.

“I’m very excited to continue with the next step of my artistic journey. The Luminate Bursary Programme will help me to develop a range of printmaking skills which will take my visual art to the next level." 

Catherine Macleod

“I am really thrilled to get this Luminate bursary as it is exactly the kind of help and support I need to pull myself out of a challenging time. This award will enable me to rediscover my physical and creative practice, which is something that has been so difficult to maintain given the social situation for the past 18 months." 

Christine Thynne

Bursary recipients

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    Suzy Aspley Creative writing

    Suzy has gained attention as a crime writer with her debut novel

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    Sophie Bancroft Filmpoems

    Sophie is a singer, songwriter and writer looking to use film and imagery in her work

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    Heather Croft Jewellery (enamel)

    Heather will develop her metalworking skills, and share her learning

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    Carolyne Nurse Metal sculpting

    Carolyne works with washed up seaweed from beaches in Fife and Angus

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    Catherine Macleod Printmaking

    She will take tailored printmaking courses through the Highland Print Studio

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    Christine Thynne Dance and movement

    Christine will explore her passion for dance and love of kayaking

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    David Taylor Creative Writing

    David’s writing project will tell the newly discovered stories of his grandfather.

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    Nigel Ashworth Theatre director

    His bursary will allow Nigel to work on a professional production

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    Ingrid Bell Visual art

    Ingrid will document the unique flora of Shetland

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    Joyce Davies Printmaking

    Joyce is a self-taught artist, who specialises in monoprinting

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    Linda Lewin Creative writing

    Linda will write her first book, exploring her Burmese-Karen heritage

“My work has focused on short stories and flash fiction and this bursary will allow me to work with a mentor to complete a full-length work using existing historical text, together with my own fictional interpretation of characters and events,” he said.  “I will be drawing on the life of my grandfather, and of the people around him and take in the world of Edwardian touring theatre, experiences in the Machine Gun Corps (nicknamed 'The Suicide Club') in France and Russia, my grandmother's nursing service in the Scottish Women's Hospital in Serbia, his sister's death in an Edinburgh hotel fire, and his teaching career in rural Scotland throughout the 1920s. I am looking forward to the challenge.” 

David Taylor