Podcast: Digital Dance with Anderson’s Care Home

In this podcast choreographer Chris Stuart-Wilson is joined by care home manager Kathy McGrath-Gunn to talk about their remotely-led dance project in early 2021.

With a surprise visit from some of the residents involved, we hear first-hand how this project helped bring fun, laughter and happiness to Anderson’s Care Home, Elgin, in very difficult times.

Chris is “digitally teleported in” from Glasgow each week. He works closely with Anderson’s staff who support all the sessions, including making sure there’s plenty of opportunity for chatting and getting to know each other, just as there would have been if Chris had been there in person.

This team work was crucial to the success of the project and the impact positive for both residents and staff.


Music (in order of appearance):

  • Crowander – Forever With You
  • Katsa – Psychic
  • Katsa – Slow Rising
  • Doctor Turtle – Humans Gather

All music sourced from freemusicarchive.org using Creative Commons licences

Podcast Production – Andy Catlin www.andycatlin.com