Marbled Crafting Paper

Create your own marbled crafting paper with visual artist Tracy Gorman, using a range of different materials from around the home. Tracy will show us three different methods of marbling paper. You can use shaving foam, you can use food colouring and vegetable oil, or you can use nail polish. Protect any surfaces that you are going to work on as it will get a bit messy!

What you’ll need:
Activity 1: A
tray e.g. baking sheet, paper, water based paints, shaving foam, a stirring tool, kitchen towel and a ruler.
2: Food colouring, veg oil, a tray, paper, a jug of water, a stirring tool and three separate bowls.
Activity 3: A bowl that is not precious, paper cut to the size of the bowl, nail varnish, nail polish remover, kitchen towel, a stirring tool, a jug of water, some protective gloves.

Length of activity: 25min video but these three activities will take longer if completing them all.

Luminate@Home is our online programme of arts and creative activities, designed to be done at home or in a care home. The project is supported by Baillie Gifford, co-produced by Graeme Roger, and presented in partnership with Scottish Care.