Recycled Sewing with your Wonky Woollies

Join Deirdre Nelson and explore creative ideas for what to do with old woollies that are past their best. We’ll be making an oven mitt and some cosy slippers. Choose one or try both!

What you’ll need:
Oven mit: some wool fabric, scissors, pins, a needle, some thread and a pen and paper.
Cosy slippers: some wool fabric, pins, a needle, a pen, a ruler, some scrap paper, a pair of scissors.

Length of activity: The video is 15 minutes long, but each activity will take you longer than this. Deidre will speed up the process of making each item so you have clear instructions to follow.

Luminate@Home is our online programme of arts and creative activities, designed to be done at home or in a care home. The project is supported by Baillie Gifford, co-produced by Graeme Roger, and presented in partnership with Scottish Care.