Kitchen Drumming Band

Musician Jane Bentley takes you through the four main types of percussion sound and simple ways to recreate them using household objects. Jane will lead a physical warm up and then take you through some rhythms you can try at home. 

What you’ll need:
objects that act well as a drum e.g. pots and pans.
Some objects that work well as a shaker,
e.g. rice in a tub. Some objects that produce a metal sound e.g. a pan lid
Some objects that produce a wooden soun
d e.g. wooden spoons. 

Length of activity: 35mins

Luminate@Home is our online programme of arts and creative activities, designed to be done at home or in a care home. The project is supported by Baillie Gifford, co-produced by Graeme Roger, and presented in partnership with Scottish Care.