Colourful Name Collage

Create your own colourful name collage from materials you have at home, with Janie Nicoll. In this activity you will be drawing your own name, tearing or cutting up materials you might have around the house, to stick on to your name to create a collage. Materials can be tissue paper, old gift bags or wrapping paper. 

What you’ll need:
A sheet of paper
Pencils or pens (chunky markers work well too)
A glue stick or Sellotape
Collage materials can be tissue paper, old gift bags or wrapping paper
(If you have a laminator, you can laminate this at the end)

Length of activity: 30mins. 

Luminate@Home is our online programme of arts and creative activities, designed to be done at home or in a care home. The project is supported by Baillie Gifford, co-produced by Graeme Roger, and presented in partnership with Scottish Care.