The Erskine Artist Residency

Erskine and Luminate began working together in 2017 on a long-term artist in residence programme, and as our collaboration draws to a close we welcome Ruth Stevenson’s insightful report into the learning from the latter part of our collaboration, from 2021 till 2023.

From the outset the importance of the partnership between Erskine and Luminate was clear. Erskine staff shared their knowledge and skills, enabling the artists to develop a highly personalised creative process working collaboratively with residents. Erskine, residents and staff, benefitted from the expertise of the artists who opened their imagination to what was possible. As we moved into the second phase – reported on here – this shared learning continued to inform our work together.

We are grateful to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust who supported the programme, and to our Unforgotten Forces partners – a network of charities across Scotland who support older veterans. We hope this report will be interesting and valuable for other care providers and cultural organisations who are planning to work together.