Christine Thynne – dance performance

Mechanisms (working title)

Christine Thynne co-created with Robbie Synge

At the age of 80, Christine Thynne has undertaken several weeks of research and development on a playful, daring and joyfully charismatic exploration of her body’s possibilities. Christine is working with co-creator Robbie Synge, and is supported by Creative Scotland, Luminate, Dance Base and Eden Court.

‘Mechanisms’ – the working title of the new piece – aims to connect with audiences in subtle and surprising ways. The work’s themes are of visibility, control, adventure and joy. These universal concerns are especially relevant to Christine’s performance, which clearly embodies but is not defined or constrained by age.

‘Mechanisms’ sees Christine building, responding to and being moved by her environment.  Staged structures and sounds provide a framework for live and unpredictable directions. Ultimately, Christine skilfully handles these elements in empowering ways. The piece draws on Christine’s previous professional practice in the field of human anatomy, and her passion for the wonder of the body, reflected through ideas of constructing, structures and material properties.

Christine received a Luminate older emerging artist bursary in 2021 which supported a short programme of mentoring by Robbie Synge.  We are delighted to continue to support Christine’s and Robbie’s collaboration in the development of this new piece in 2023.