David Francis Trustee

David Francis, Trustee

David is Director of TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland) and Director of the Traditional Music Forum

Traditional music has always valued the elder and the passing on of knowledge through the generations. Luminate reminds us that elders are not only sources of knowledge but can continue to temper that hard-won knowledge with their own creativity

As a guitarist and songwriter and one half of The Cast (with Mairi Campbell) he has produced four albums, as well as two stage shows – Red Earth and Revival! – which combine music and storytelling.   

Also for the stage, he has co-written three scores for British Youth Music Theatre shows: Tales from the World’s EndNikki and the Gang; and Not the End of the World 

Other activities include teaching guitar with the Scots Music Group in Edinburgh and co-producing Distil, a long-running, creative development project for traditional musicians.   

David graduated with an M.LItt in Ethnology and Folklore at Aberdeen University in 2019. He joined Luminate’s Board in 2020.    

David Francis, Trustee