Jude Nixon Space/Time Artist 2021

Jude Nixon Space/Time Artist 2021

Jude (66) has been selected to take part in Space/Time 2021, a creative retreat for older early career artists run by Magnetic North in partnership with Luminate.

I went to Art School in the 1970s and then pursued a career as an academic. Early retirement gave me the opportunity to return to creativity. Between 2011 and 2016 I attended Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art specialising in painting. I currently work out of a studio at St Margaret’s Edinburgh.

I am inspired by the familiar and, living by the sea, much of my work is about water and objects that I find on the beach.

Since Covid and lockdown times I am increasingly drawn to small, fragile, incidental objects which often are containers of more enduring, fundamental concerns.

Drawing is the way in which I research and collect material. Typically, I start with making detailed observational studies and then in the studio move into a more abstract interpretation, focusing as much on my emotional and instinctual responses as on the object itself.

I work almost exclusively with homemade gesso, size (a traditional form of glue), and pure pigment exploring how far such materials can be taken and their application on different surfaces.