Sophie Bancroft Filmpoems

Sophie is a singer, songwriter and writer, based in Pathhead, who has enjoyed extending the form of her work by incorporating imagery and film with her words and music. With her bursary Sophie found a mentor in Nuala O’Sullivan, the founder of Women Over 50 Film Festival and another mentoring session specifically on editing with Bonnie Rae Brickman. She also undertook a video production course taking in the practicalities of filming including different formats, composition, lighting and sound. Encouraged by her mentor, Sophie’s short film (S)kin secured a number of festival nominations and showings and she is currently working on a filmsong called ‘Old Mother Blackbird’.

“Can’t tell you how brilliant it’s been having this bursary, it’s catapulted me into a completely different place, both in my head and also in the skills that I’ve now got and that I’m developing.”